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New Construction

New Vision Electric currently works with numerous residential builders and homeowners in the Houston Texas area to provide personalized electrical solutions during construction. Some of our electrical construction services include whole home wiring, generator transfer switch installation, recessed light repairs, and code corrections. Call our team to get a free estimate!

General Residential & Commercial

It's tough to live or work where there is an electrical problem. Let our electrician help! Trust our residential and commercial electricians to provide quality parts and service. We handle everything from upgrading service panels, retrofitting LED light fixtures, and repairing electrical outlets to designing landscape lighting, replacing electrical panels, and just about everything else!

general residential electricians and commercial electricians
24/7 electricians houston

Emergency Service

In the Houston heat, in the winter's cold, or whenever work needs to be done, you can depend on our 24 hour electricians to get you up and running with diligence and urgency. Our team of master electricians, electric consultants, generator installers, and electrical repairmen are all trained, experienced, and ready to help! Our emergency electricians are on-call 24hrs a day!

  • What is an automatic standby generator?
    An automatic standby generator is a back-up electrical system that kicks in within seconds of a power outage to supply electricity to your home's circuit breaker box.
  • Is an automatic generator better than a portable generator?
    The American Red Cross recommends an permanently installed standby generator as a safer way to temporarily power your home rather than a portable generator. A permanently installed backup generator outside the house has no risk of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, while that is a major risk for portable generators. Opting for a permanent generator installation also means that you can hook it up to your natural gas line, whereas a portable generator needs gasoline to run, which requires frequently and expensive refillings.
  • What size generator do I need for my house?
    A professional generator installer would be the best one to answer this question. Contact our electricians about setting up a home survey to determine your generator needs.
  • Can I install a backup generator myself?
    The electrical expertise needed to install a generator that hooks up to your home's circuit breaker box makes it a job best left to professional generator installers.
  • Can an whole home generator system replace my utility service?
    No, a generator costs much more to run than buying electricity from the utility company. The best use of a home generator is during power outage emergencies.
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